Networking Experiment

Posted in New by Harsha on July 10, 2006

I met  Phil Lee and his meetup group Boston Ecademy and is known as "Mr. Boston". There I heard Richard Banfield talk about strengthening the bonds between your existing contacts rather than continue to amass business cards.

Networkchart_1All this was for TIECON EAST 2006 (another post!)

Bo Burlingham (editor-at-large for Inc.) had reviewed Rajesh’s book so I felt Rajesh would want to meet George (ex founding-editor of Inc). They happened to commonly know Doug Mellinger. Mike now connects to Phil, Richard and Rajesh.

So the experiment went well. George advises Initial Advantage at my alma mater Clark University. I will connect them with TIE since I co-chair the Business Case & Communication Forum (BCCF) . I think daily of who I could introduce to my new/strong contacts. Takeaways:

a) retained strong interest in ROII
b) kept eyes open to what contacts were engaged in (Bo Burlingham etc)
c) looked for commonality between contacts to make meeting valuable


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