Email Experiment

Posted in New by Harsha on July 16, 2006

Do you find that a client manager is not warming up to you?  Does he/she seems friendlier to your colleague or is just a boor? Ever get those one line responses to your email that started out "Dear XYZ," and full of hope? I did too, got hurt and decided to learn to write emails from those that send them to me. So now, if you write me in a certain way, I will respond exactly the same. Here is the answer:

From: XYZ – "I have forwared your request to the manager and will revert with her response. Thanks – John Doe"

From: New  Me – "I will stay tuned. Thanks – Harsha Raghavan"

From: Old Me – "Dear John, thank you so much for your help & resolution. I am much obliged. I will now wait for more fe……….." blah blah blah.

If your emails end with thanks, mine will too. If you started out Dear, so will I. If you said "Hi. Harsha," I’d reply "Hi. John,". If your email doesn’t have a signature, guess what? If you write 3 lines as 3 separate paragraphs, I will too. Chameleon-ly as it might sound, it has opened doors. Client managers warm up to me, people do my bidding faster and most imporantly makes them feel connected to me.

Margot Potter points out an important issue: we don’t know much about email etiquette so people are bound to misunderstand us.

Peter Hanami underscores email as our medium of extensive choice. Since this has become the way we "talk", responding the way the sender likes to "email-speak" becomes vital especially if they pay for the bills.


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