CRM Experiment

Posted in New by Harsha on July 17, 2006

CRM software was touted as the holy grail in the 90s. Maria’s adds on her post from the CRM Blog that the whole team must be on board or it is just wasted effort. My employer installed one (after careful thought and an inclusive decision making process) and I think the experiment was semi-successful. Some pros and cons:

+1. Management engaged key players in the decision (including me)
+2. Chose industry-specific solution, even though it was off the shelf
+3. Identified Admin (Operations VP) to centralize issue resolution
+4. Periodic training provided and the team was engaged in discussions

-1. Installed the system during period of high-growth
-2. Knew GUI was bad and not well customized for internal use
-3. Periodic training was intermittent at best and not modular
-4. Permitting differing user levels (allowed some to fall behind in usage)

For a startup/fast-growing firm in a high volume customer interaction scenario, I’d think it fit to locate & reward the Champions, identify the Laggards through these Champs, reward them for adoption and build a discussion group around the experience. I think unless there is regular and open communication about the CRM (or anything else for that matter), the Laggards have absolutely no incentive to adopt the tool.


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  1. Maria Palma said, on July 20, 2006 at 12:55 am


    Thank you for the link and sharing your insight and experiences with CRM. I believe that training is key when it comes to implementing a new system into the business. When there is a lack of training, people are less inclined to want to use it and use it effectively.

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