KMM Experiment

Posted in New by Harsha on July 20, 2006

Here is my email to KMM. I’m putting it up here because I think the content is of value to you. No edits to the email.
Hello KMM: I am a blogling and learnt about KMM through Maria Palma. She’s linked to my blog and we’ve exchanged a few trackbacks.
I toyed with the open topics you had and quickly realized I don’t fit anywhere! But the things I ponder about and execute on are simply put, experiments. KMM, IMHO is an experiment. My blog is too. Windows 3.1 was an experiment. Google is still experimenting! The list is endless. I think no one really knows the outcome of a strategy or decision – every single (honest) founder says he/she never knew their idea would become this big. We’ve got so many books and consultants, yet ideas fail. I believe we all know stuff and experiment with everything in our lives. I want to draw out what worked for me and what works for you (for instance the KMM story) and share it with the universe. So if there is ever another Harsha out there seeking to build a new business model, this topic would be the place for him/her to see others like you and me did, not seek out a $500 per hour consultant. I haven’t read The Long Tail (yet), but feel that I’m part of that revolution. My stuff works and apparently yours works too!
This new topic "Experiments" will enable a conversation about business and life risks taken and the results. We have no control over the outcome, just the strategy we apply to a problem we’re experimenting with right now. Shukriya.
Experimenting rocks!

Harsha Raghavan


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