Thoughts 2.0

Posted in TOOBs by Harsha on July 21, 2006

I’ve believe the #1 question to ask is – Who’s your end user?

Web 2.0 looks like Web 1.0 taking advantage of broadband. Blogs would have been fine on dialup yet all we had were personal homepages that not many folks were interested in and had little value/growth unlike blogs.

I fear that the Internet will end up as one huge billboard. Do we actually click on ads like what Rajesh posted about?

TypePad knows it’s users. They have a moolah model ($4.95/mo for this blog) and their widgets seamlessly integrate with sites like Technorati and Feedburner. They probably figured out that their user is a serious blogger and partnered with those sites to make it easy to plug in. Besides that, there is little difference left between them and a regular hosting service. It is good Web 2.0 stuff with a volume bet. $4.95 doesn’t bust this blogling’s budget. Free did not work in 2000 and won’t work this time too.

Everyone has a skeptic gene. But few of us can build stuff that can be monetized. Shel Holtz has a nice post on users as the #1 priority and not worrying about other stuff. Users are just people! So MySpace is a revolution no doubt, but we’ll probably see Mudoch kill it trying to make dough.


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