Motivational Experiment

Posted in New by Harsha on August 21, 2006

It is easy to write-off an average performer. Yes, some folks won’t buy into the (company’s) philosophy. I’m not talking about them. This is about those that seem intelligent yet just can’t bring home the goods.

But there is a switch that turns them back on. Here is my situation:

A sales guy on my team has 3+ years industry experience with an MBA and is personable. But after joining my employer in ‘05, he still hasn’t booked the numbers expected. Newcomers overtook as well. This is a result of not bringing a new hire into the fold ASAP. He was left out on his own.

So silly me tried speeches and most old-school tactics. Then a HUGE bulb lit up when I found out how he organized himself. He used an age-old tool to track sales calls. Bear with me as I explain this: he was in account sales, i.e. selling to get on the vendor list. But today he is in service sales, i.e. serving those accounts by staffing their projects. Very different deals.

Both are sales call, by the way. The fundamental difference is account selling calls for a deep call penetration. The other is shallow, quick and many. Within a day of this switch, the results were visible. But he had also tweaked it and was immediately reined in by me. First, I told him, get on the bandwagon. Then make it your own.


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