MSP Experiment

Posted in New by Harsha on September 6, 2006

I’ve said before that my employer’s industry is moving to this structure: vendor (us) -> MSP -> end-client. We have embraced it wholeheartedly. So a few months back when we talked about our marketing strategy, it was apparent that 1) our actual client is the MSP and 2) we need to deepen those relationships.

Who is the user? – This is the #1 question. You might be a VP or an entry-level worker but if you don’t "get it" then you’ll find it hard to line your ducks in a row. Our entire sales pitch changed (we still go after end-clients, much to my chagrin) but our presentations are more reflective of what an MSP manager wants to hear from a vendor.

So if you’re in B2B sales (I am) then think about this question. My BIL works for Ciba Speciality Chemicals and said BP is the Chemical MSP for Ford. So Ford is not my BIL’s client but BP is as they decide what lubricant brand gets into Ford. It was interesting for me to note the similarities in our diverse industries – IT Services and Automotive/Oil/Lubricants. Is such a shift occuring in your industry? If yes, embrace the MSP.


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