Posted in New by Harsha on September 12, 2006

I am re-reading Execution – The discipline of getting things done by Ram Charan and Larry Bossidy.

Larry said this about an ex-employer that struck a chord: "they didn’t place a premium on getting things done". So I started thinking – how do I execute and have I experimented with this concept? Oh, YEAH!

One can’t grow a client relationship by 3000% in a year (like I did) w/o executing well. One doesn’t generate 1/3rd of the profits w/o execution. So what’s going right? I’ll focus on a few hard facts, no fluff. Here we go:

1. Treat client folks as the BOSS and then a friend, always in that order
2. Give your true and honest opinion to your superiors
3. Drop EVERYTHING and answer a client query first
4. QA like HK’s Gordon Ramsay; would you eat the ‘food’ you ‘cook’?

Tom Vander Well writes: "In the customer’s mind, you are the company – you ARE the "they" that you are talking about". That is a key idea. I am accountable to the client. Everything else is just falling into place. My execution has helped me beat my goals and also has gotten me respect with the superiors and my team.

And one more thing: as a boss or team leader, certeris paribus, execution will get you the respect you deserve. I’m getting there. So now and forever …

I place a premium of getting things done.


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