Posted in Pulpit by Harsha on April 3, 2007

I was recently at lunch with my friend, a senior HR executive and he said something interesting about credibility and I paraphrase the many things we discussed. Very tipping pointingly, it takes a small thing to torch someone’s work of many years, for good.

a times, it is not even in your control. A few days back, my collegue
made a silly mistake but the client ended up asking me (and I quote)
"See what happens when I trust you?". This is after months of diligence and all the stuff I’ve ever talked about here on the blog.

In the 2.0 world, this is relevant. Even though the content is created by others, the site is held responsible for the credibility of the content. This directly ties into fresh content creation that plugs into "how do you bring users back to the website repeatedly?" So the credibility issue is a sales problem. This is true for non-community-specific sites and the site will be called unreliable if the content sucks.

Like the BOS authors would say, no one particular type of person or action will maintain their credibility forever. You will probably take a hit at some point in time. The unit of analysis of how successful you’ll be in avoiding or recovering from it, would be the strategic move you’ll make before and after the event – what the heck did you do to endanger your credibility and how did you prevent it from happening again.

– Harsha Raghavan


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