Web 2.0 Experiments

Posted in New by Harsha on April 4, 2007

I was at the Web Innovators Group’s event recently and heard my friend Carm at Cardvio present his company. The other two presenters were  MyDesignIn and Virtual Ubiquity.  The WIG is probably the only such group in town, ably organized by David Beisel of Masthead Venture Partners. Other "side dish" presenters included, WhizSpark and Hats of to Adobe for having built the technology on which all these guys have founded their businesses.

I am currently applying BOS principles on these models and see if true value is being created. But briefly…

These guys have taken Adobe’s next generation web designing tool and converted it into businesses. The tool itself is just brilliant, allowing for WYSIWYG functionality and extensive customization by developers. I bumped into Arun who works for Perkin Elmer and here are somethings we discussed about some trends we saw that night:

1. Everything’s online
2. Collaborative nature of these systems (or at least the need for these guys to want their users to collaborate)
3. Need for powerful infrastructure to deliver these apps

Did I miss anything?

– Harsha Raghavan


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