Open Source 2.0

Posted in New by Harsha on April 6, 2007

What if we’re able to atomize content, by creating our own page with any structure and yet connect with users online through "Bits" of software? It is the anti-thesis for portals.

Why do I need to go to one website to connect with friends and another to check out music? Why not pulverize all that information by putting it on my site and get connected with other people through a Bits? I’m not suggesting creating an orkut Bits and letting me to connect to my friends without going to the website (though it seems like an interesting idea). But let my Bits hook me up with other Bits. And this is not about having a customized Google homepage.

It is the hope that communities that we belong to, online & offline, have other similar folks for us to meet. But we tend to meet more people doing mundane things like hanging out at the mall, at the coffee shop, in a store and at the park. Bits are like these other instances where you build your community not by belonging to a club, but through your own volition. Bits can also hyper-charge our websites and bring user-created functions quickly to market without using code.

While this is not a technological marvel, it is value-innovation. Think dating websites. As a single person, one has to create profiles on many of these sites. But now my "singles" Bits can hook up with other "singles" Bits and bring far more singles to them than what can ever match. My bands Bits can bring more musicians and music-based friends to me. A cart Bits can buy and sell used furniture, books and CDs. Business Bits can see users in a real way and deliver relevant offers to them.

Look at this ERRC grid –

Eliminate: Membership, Code, Design restrictions, Ads

Reduce: Desktop dependability

Raise: Personal networking, Mobile computing, Search, User content ownership

Create: Bits, Modular design, Interaction between users sans communities

This may be counter-intuitive but it is a blue ocean. Through personal networking by Bits, I can share all my content and be more radically transparent. Is this The Long Tail of web design and content creation?

– Harsha Raghavan


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  1. RhythmPharm said, on April 11, 2007 at 6:30 pm

    the long tail spirals, DNA, coding within our genetic material unraveling indra’s net (,
    source of radical transparency.

    thanks for the great analysis.

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