Posted in TOOBs by Harsha on April 14, 2007

Rajesh writes:

"However, the bigger problem is that whoever sent me is now thinking that he did some work. Out of every thousand emails that he has sent, he will get one or two responses. Rather than questioning the overall strategy, the person will now start thinking about "conversion rates" and "writing better copy".  And, the fantasy trip will continue."

He is referring to an email he received from a company attempting to explore a strategic alliance with him for off-shoring IT development work. You can read that email here.

Rather than rethink mass-mailing as a business development strategy, especially for a strategic alliance type of partnership, this person probably found it easier to blast stuff out and "market" his "brand". Whatta-bunch of crap!

If your target audience is a B2B buyer, how better will he like you or your company by merely looking at such an email? Is this how you’d build a relationship with people? What, you’d yell in a crowded noisy room "Hello, my name is …." to try and introduce yourself?

Brand building is like a workout – consistency and focus are paramount. So what if one or two leads respond to such an email? Yeah, you’d probably strike up a deal or two but that sort of spray-and-pray model works for moving merchandise, not relationships.

It is *really* hard to build any relationship. So instead of spamming a person like Rajesh, who is always ready to listen to a meaningful pitch and turning him/her into a non-listener, if you had approached him directly or indirectly in another way, you’d have gained a genuine business contact.

– Harsha Raghavan


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