Don Imus

Posted in Pulpit by Harsha on April 17, 2007

20070423_107_2I promised myself that I won’t write about this controversy but one can’t resist after reading a brilliant and classy article by Cynthia Tucker. Her  post entitled "Who are the Hos here?", was part of Time’s coverage on the Don Imus controversy.

She writes "The obverse, of course, is the black woman who presumes to move into the American mainstream. That woman is not successful. She is uppity". She is referring to the fact that black women are thought as, in her words, "lazy and drug-addled welfare queens, thoughtless breeders of criminals, and unwed heathens who are sacking the sacred institution of marriage".

When Don Imus abused those women, I think it struck a similar chord with people. Cynthia writes what many people think but don’t say aloud and that is what it is so pointed. Her "uppity" remark is apt.

She beautifully ends the article by stating "I am surprised that Imus continues to enjoy the support of so many political and entertainment celebrities. They were not offended enough by his racial stereotypes to turn down a little airtime. I think I know hos when I see them."

While you feel her boiling anger, the article neither spills over with grotesque depictions of the discrimination nor the sense of helplessness or apathy.

On the other hand, for a long time, Ana Marie Cox says she knows she became popular thanks to Don Imus and his show but wants none of it now. I thought, "Not so fast, miss!" But maybe two GOP hopefuls could learn from her.

Cynthia Tucker is the Editorial Page Editor of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and this is her article in the Time magazine. Ana’s article is here and here is the news article on McCain and Giuliani.

– Harsha Raghavan


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