Rhythm Experiment

Posted in New by Harsha on May 4, 2007

I have been having some really great email conversations with Aparna Bakhle of RhythmPharm on many brilliantly outworldly ideas.

Rp_picture She is a marketing guru living in SoCal with a career in Hollywood and online promotion. She launched RhythmPharm in partnership with Greg Ellis who plays all the instruments on the CDs. She has realized that the Maya that surrounds us, keeps us from attaining peace in our lives.

I think she is on to something when she says that we’re enslaved by Time and have lost touch with our inner selves. Our forefathers in ancient cultures (specifically India and Africa) did not track time using the Gregorian calendar. Ancient records were rhythmically stored (the Vedas are basically hyms) and they followed natural rhythms to track time.

Through deeper consciousness we will realize that we’re all connected (through the Internet and otherwise). I have always believed that we’re all part of One system (call it whatever you like) and the laws of this System are nature-based. Hence we have karmic, physical and ethical laws that guide it’s development. Through percussion, Aparna believes we will be able to enjoy deep trance-like experiences with mind-opening results.

Conversations with her have been utterly delightful and very large in scope; we briefly discussed a never-before live world music event to have percussionists from every continent play their instruments in one large unscripted effort, for world peace. This will not be a commercial effort, i.e. marketing stunt but will be successfully executed by the power of Us.

This is RhythmPharm. This is Greg Ellis and you can hear full-length samples here. This is the Gregorian Calendar.

– Harsha Raghavan


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