CBS Jericho Lives Experiment

Posted in New by Harsha on June 6, 2007

UPDATE: CBS cancels Jericho, sorry fans!

You should be lucky to have a bunch of strangers rooting for you, just like
It is hard enough to pay someone to work for you, let alone volunteer. But such is the passion of “millions” of people who feel strongly about a service or a product.


Briefly, this site is dedicated by fans of the now cancelled show, who ended up sending CBS a few tons of Nuts (has something to do with what a character utters in the season finale episode), spamming, faxing (yes, faxing!!) and emailing Les Moonves and his coterie to bring the show back this fall.

I’ve not seen the show so I can’t figure out what the big deal is about. The style of writing on the website by the “Core Team” and others is evidence of their rabidity; I wouldn’t want to pick up a fight with them. Are people so jobless that they actually have time/money to put up such a site, spend hours chasing network executives and organizing themselves into a credible force? Is this the work of a group of people who want to be famous?

Surely, all they gain from this is merely bringing back one of the many hundreds of shows that are on air these days. Aren’t you sick of the reality shows already? Fox has its own Reality channel – shocking! Such is the desire to be famous and on TV (yes, I’m guilty as charged as well).

That got me thinking about blogs. Over the past 1 year, I’ve become an “international journalist” of sorts. No, I’m absolutely not a professional writer, but if you look at the map on the left, you will see readers from every continent except Antartica, have visited and read my thoughts. The web allows “schumi” (the founder?) to launch his battle on a much wider front.

As a startup, I don’t think many of us use the web to generate such buzz. It must be a multi-headed attempt if one wants to generate marketing chatter around a product or a service. I don’t think it has to be wide enough to cover unrelated segments (I’m not going to think twice about Jericho Lives or the show after this post) so it must be a focused approach. If you sell staffing services, then targeting procurement or IT managers on IT magazine websites is a great way to network. And I think the content on many company websites is way too “static” or overly professional. The cool thing about Jericho Lives, is you can CLEARLY feel and see the passion of these jokers jump at you from the website. While I’m not suggesting letting your guard down, think about the target audience from a personal perspective. A lot of times, the content we dish out is so stiff and “professional” that it may not resonate. I’ve been a victim of this ‘disease’ in my older posts and letting my guard down seems to liberate my thought process. I’d be willing to trying it out for my business marketing as well.

A link to all you want to know about Jericho. Banner belongs to


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