Green Card Fiasco

Posted in Uncategorized by Harsha on July 17, 2007

If retaining top talent is the #1 priority for managers, then why is it so hard for positive change in governmental rules?

In the raging debate over illegal immigration, guess what? Legal immigration was sidelined. While some employers are in need for people who jump fences, others are much more in need of qualified legal immigrants – so this whole fiasco underscores the fact that if one gets caught up in the politics of a situation, then one will surely miss the financial and operational reality.

The recent green card fiasco has put thousands of legal workers into a tizzy because of the USCIS July bulletin update. Visa filing fees will also triple by the end of July. So putting two-and-two together results in a very expensive process for hiring talent that is missing in this country, that international folks provide.

This situation hits hard for Indians and Chinese, possibly more than any other nation. Guess which immigrant population in the US makes the most money, pays the most taxes and runs most of the startups? Yep.

Here is an interesting article on Business Week called "The Gandhi Protests Pay Off". If you’d like to learn more about the current situation, visit Sheela Murthy’s website.

This is the BusinessWeek Article. This is Sheela Murthy.


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