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Posted in Pulpit by Harsha on October 16, 2007

WhizSpark recently tied up with Strategic Auctions Inc. It is in their Simulcast Auctions post. During the Web Innovators Group event, their President said that he is in the business of increasing attendance for events. Disclaimer: I know nothing about their sales or business strategy, these are just my opinions.

think the events management space falls some where under PR umbrella,
so anything and everything must look and feel like PR work. I am not
sure I get that at this point from WS. I don’t think they view
themselves as being in PR but view themselves as being in IT. They have
extensive event tracking functions, but that is easily replicable by
off-the-shelf products or custom built code. Have you seen Google Calendar?
It is free (yes, it is not as feature-rich but how long will it take
for the world’s largest database to add a metrics tracking tool?). So
technology-innovation is clearly NOT the differentiator. It never is,
unless you sell consumer electronics or highly-customized business

What is the value-innovation being offered? None.
Obviously some people have signed up for the service but is it
sustainable and will it grow large enough, in stable yet quick way?
These are some Qs I’m trying to answer myself and am drawing a blank.
Of course, if a sell-out is the exit strategy then I’m just babbling

I think by forward-integrating into the events management space
creates a viable model. You can never replace an events management
service with technology. Bodies on the ground and intelligent code on
the backend is a powerful combination to orchestrate everything cost

Consider this example: Your networking group is having an event. As
an organizer, what do you need to make this event a success? Let’s say
you’re looking to hire a cost-effective service provider since budget’s
are tight. You also want to attract a 1000+ size crowd, will offer a
free buffet and a cash-bar. The venue needs to be in center of town and
the entry fee is $100 per head.

1. Event registration & money management
2. Catering (food and drink) and venue decoration services
3. Venue set up and management
4. Cleanup services (assuming the venue does not offer this service)
5. During-event attendee management

I would set up agreements with 3 catering companies and store their
menu offerings, rates and quantities electronically, tagging them as I
go. I’d also sign up with decoration services (flowers and
event-environment services) and do the same for their rate cards. Ditto
for the rest.


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  1. Peter Caputa said, on October 17, 2007 at 12:29 pm

    I appreciate your thoughts. I responded on my blog.

  2. Harsha Raghavan said, on October 24, 2007 at 3:17 pm

    Thanks for the conversation Peter.


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