Working with someone you HATE

Posted in Pulpit by Harsha on October 23, 2007

It is great and easy to work with people that you like.
You also know how it painful and hard it is to work with people that
you don’t like!

I think one’s true value is demonstrated when he/she can get work done
and better yet, make some money through people they personally don’t
like. For instance, we recently had to let someone go who was
generating quarter of a million dollars in revenue for us. Personally,
the guy was borderline hostile with a pinch of weirdness thrown in for
good measure. When he got canned, I was relieved and sad at the same time. I broke into a smile and then frowned.

But working with people you like, is boring, compared to the
challenge of working with someone you dislike. Think of all the times your
blood boiled when they spoke? You’d dismiss every
idea of theirs as idiotic. Think of your increased heartbeats, palpitations, the sweaty palms and the scowl that grew steadily
on your face; the emotion of being riled up and ready to fight.

I am no guru at this exercise but the first progressive step is to
recognize the value in taming your feelings to let you work with
people you hate. And hate is such a relative term – someone you hate is
someone else’s loved one. So your emotion is merely an illusion that
makes you perceive the person in a certain way. It doesn’t make anyone
bad or good fundamentally. That was decided much earlier on by Nature,
Nurture, whatever etc.

So if you can make ____________ (fill in the blank with any measure of success you like) working with someone you hate, I think that makes you one heck of a smart person. I am honest – there are some people I hate even though I know I shouldn’t, but that is the fallacy of being a human being – conflicting realities. So going back to the guy who got canned – if I can put him to work and make another quarter of a million dollars off of him, then sure, why not? It makes me a better person from all angles (materially, philosophically and spiritually).

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