Oprah, Oprah, OPRAH!

Posted in New by Harsha on November 2, 2007

What do you get when you cross a celebrity talk show host and a school a gazillion miles away in another world?

Press coverage.

Really, is this news any good other than the fact that she is still on the news? You can’t miss her in grocery checkout lines, TV or Run, but you can’t hide. This is when you know that you’ve grown so fat that you can’t see your knees any more. You can only look in one direction and that is what is whatever is just right straight ahead of you.

Update: I mean, Oprah has grown in so many directions, into so many different businesses that is becoming hard to focus on the details. What, they could not run a basic background check on the matron? Of course, being South Africa, they may not have the same resources as in America, but as a former child abuse victim, you’d imagine that she would take NO chances with any adults, local or international, with the kids that bear her stamp.

Lesson learned is that don’t bite off more than what you can chew. If you cannot give your projects the attention they need and you end up depending on others a little too much, then it is a recipe for disaster. That is why she is so successful on her show – she is there all the time. That is why her magazine is less successful (since she is on it’s covers).

Personally speaking, it is a warning to me and all of us that you may work on multiple projects; we all do. But we need to be cognizant of that fact and realize that much as we might think we’re supermen or superwomen, we have only one mind and usually, it is hard to think more than two thoughts at the same time.


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