Retirement Experiment

Posted in New, Roadtrip by Harsha on November 27, 2007

How do you plan to spend the golden years? Do you have the energy, passion and interest in setting up a bed-and-breakfast inn? Are you (in)sane enough to move out of your home of 30 some years and start anew in a different city?

I’m talking about a couple we met on our road trip. I am back home now after a fun and exhilarating experience traveling and traveling down south.

Patti Pizinger and her husband own the Trinkle Mansion Bed and Breakfast. It is a stunning investment made by a couple seeking to move into the golden years of retirement. They took a run down (nevertheless historical building) and turned it into an opulent, magnificent, grandiose and palatial inn. It pained me to hear that they did everything (with help, obviously) and I’d estimate that they’ve sunk close to $1m in decorations and furniture and at least a $1-$2m on the renovations.


They are like a startup company. Crazy, yet extremely passionate about their retirement dream. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting Patti and living in her beautiful home for a night and could not help wonder, what drives a person to such great lengths? Do I have something in my head that I am so passionate about? Clearly, it is her dream to run this place and I can’t speak for her husband since we did not meet him. But when she was describing the place, you could see the excitement in her eyes. They gleamed when she told us the details of the reconstruction.


The vision she had about this place is interesting because she took it from a rundown building that house two attorneys and a couple of apartments


Check out the “Adel” (which is where Patti and her husband are from in Iowa). The pictures are EXACTLY how you will find the room. In fact, the rooms are more beautiful in person. Read more here. Pictures courtesy of


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