The Courtyard by Marriott Review

Posted in New by Harsha on December 5, 2007

The Courtyard by Marriott in NASHVILLE, TN is a great place to stay if you want to stick around near downtown. It has easy access to Broadway, Music Row and other places so the location is just perfect. If you came in thinking the hotel room is going to look good, then you’ll find yourself in a Best Western kind of room. The room was substandard, the bathroom just about OK and very below average in design and feel. Maybe I’m missing something here? Is this expected of the Courtyard by Marriott? Doesn’t the Marriott name mean something associated with quality? Wasn’t he just the greatest hotelier there was? You’d have no idea by staying here.

The staff were average in friendliness, meaning they were neither rude nor warm and welcoming; it was just about OK. The bed was fairly comfortable and the room was pretty clean. The view was other hotel rooms across the street so I can’t say it was the best. The valets were really nice folks and chatty. They did a fine job of putting the car away and getting it to us when needed. They deserved their tips no doubt.

Quite honestly, we did not think through or research into other hotels in the area. We just took this one because we were getting close to our deadline to make the bookings. There were other hotels in the vicinity and some in downtown that looked better from the outside. The free internet also helps – I am not going to pay anyone $9.99 for one night, even if I could afford it.

The million dollar question: Would I stay there again?

Next time I go to Nashville, I am going to keep this place as my last choice. If I don’t find something else, then I might consider this, though the Gaylord Opryland Resort seems interesting. I don’t think I’ll ever want or choose to go back to this hotel.


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