The Worst Manager

Posted in Big Thought, Business, People by Harsha on March 31, 2008

I closely identify the “Worst Manager” with the “Worst Person” because they share this particular trait in common. Every other “bad trait” is forgivable, except this one.

While I try not to judge people, I believe that this old trait dating back to the creation of modern civilization, is sinister and has no place in today’s world. It probably was born out of the necessity of grabbing neighboring lands and ruling the country.

Think about the worst boss you’ve had. While many people have different reasons why a person is a bad boss, the common denominational trait you’ll find in this group is their desire for your back to bend and remain bent. Straightening it out is a threat of sorts.

This is more prevalent in small owner-managed firms. The owner-boss thinks “just do the damn job, will ya?” and expects no creativity or strategic inputs from you, because the time you spent “thinking” could have been spent doing your job. They may say that they foster freedom of thought, but the opposite is true.

Worst Manager = Worst Person = Expects underlings to have a bent back.

Recognize this trait as the bad boss and as the employee that has to deal with this situation. Invaders broke the backs of their victims and thus were able to rule over them – plenty of examples are available in history. You need to recognize this possibility when considering a job with a startup or small family run firm. Your back must be bent if you want to survive and keep your job.

Do you know someone who qualifies?

Disclaimer: All the above is true ONLY in firms run by owner-bosses who want your back bent and is definitely not the case in every small family-owned or owner-managed business.

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  1. A. Alexander said, on May 7, 2008 at 7:10 am

    I know someone who is definately the worst manager.

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