The Google Browser

Posted in New by Harsha on September 2, 2008

Chrome, is the new project that Google is working on, set to deliver a new browser that will take advantage of the media rich internet.

I am a little intimidated because as of today, Google is able to track my search patterns and tries to deliver advertisements that it thinks I might click on. You have my word that I have NEVER clicked on even one, intentionally anyways. But now with a dedicated Google browser, how deep is their view into my browsing habits? While many books and theories out there suggest that people are irrational and can be directed to move in a certain way (and marketers thrive on this notion), I find it hard to imagine that Google and it’s data driven analysis of my searches makes my browsing and Internet experience any better. While it is undeniable that Google opened up the Internet through search, I am not so sure it improves or customizes my search experience.

In any case, as a one-trick pony, what is next for Google? How long can they continue feeding off of their ad revenue and funding these pursuits? Or is there nothing to be worried about?

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  1. raja devanathan said, on September 28, 2008 at 8:03 am

    i think the new chrome browser sucks big time. its too minimalist to the point of being not very useful in terms of features, and very cumbersome to use.

    for starters it doesnt even have a page load indicator, the most basic of features all other browsers have.

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