Rare Quote from an Everyday Guy

Posted in Business, People by Harsha on January 8, 2009

“If you allow yourself to have other people continue to dictate your future, you’re at their mercy.”

– Michael Rimm, PRM Consulting

Taken from a recent CNN article. Standout quote in my opinion. An easy-on-the-brain quote to get you off lifesupport and start some independent thinking. A great lesson for me and seems to come quite timely. Interesting because:

All the careful planning, though, didn’t remove his fear, Rhim says. But he discovered something remarkable. Once he committed to leaving, doors suddenly opened for him: People materialized to help him and amazing coincidences led to business opportunities.

Doors seem to open when you decide to forge ahead. Now that is a comforting thought and I can say that such doors have opened for me as well. Pretty cool!

In his case, it was about starting his own business. My situations have been more personal, things I cannot delve into but things that had a significant impact on my life. For the longest of time, I felt under the control of others, but now realize that you are controllable to the level you let yourself to be controlled. I know of people who know what they want and are very clear, so no matter what the goal is, if we are able to prevent others from literally dictating what we should do, then I think doors will open because you are now looking for them. It does not have to do with finding a new or a better job, but applicable to personal and non-business situations as well.

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