The New Global We

Posted in New by Harsha on February 7, 2009

Presenting to you, The New Global We. This is a new era, where no matter who you are, life has changed.

I had been quite sick with the layout of my blog for a while. Then this morning I decided to change it all to reflect the changes in my own life.

The New Global We is a significant phrase. “We” because “Us” sounds more apathetic to the new world we live in today. “We” symbolizes a group of people huddled closely together with a feeling of connectedness. Speaking of that, here is a post by Seth Godin (someone I don’t particularly like) that was, I think, a nice way to sum up common sense about the power of the Internet.

My friend Rajesh Setty is writing a new book called “Facing the Layoff AND doing it anyway” and is looking for tips, so please send some to him. This is another “We” experiment. If it were “Us”, then he’d write a book and tell you to do things a certain way.

Welcome to The New Global We. This is where the guys who elbowed the rest of us out of the way, sorely lose. Today, during these layoffs, the power of “We” is much greater. Plus the new theme helps me cover much more than just experiments in my life!

Thank you for your patronage.

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