Fanatic fans

Posted in Big Thought, People by Harsha on February 12, 2009

Some rabid fans want the portrayal of the Joker to be banned from future Batman movies.

I say, the guy is long dead and gone. Leave the movies alone.

Wouldn’t it be great if some of our customers took to the streets (i.e. web) for us? How does one generate such loyalty? Can you influence my perception of you?

Yes you can. It is not just about a great product or exemplary service. It is the packaging of them both. Of course, if you have a crappy product to start with, then you’re out of luck.

Take what you have – your business – and make every interact as dramatic as the Joker’s portrayal by Heath Ledger. Make it crazy and out of this world. Don’t do something incremental from the competition. Go wild.

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