Scientists Find No Connection Between Religious Opinion and Healthcare

Posted in Big Thought by Harsha on October 9, 2009

Just a tongue-in-cheek title to get your attention. By the way, Christopher Hitchens is going to have a seizure.

I quote from a letter sent to the Members of Congress by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.:

We sincerely hope that the legislation will not fall short of our criteria.

Thank God (ironically) that we do not have to live our lives dictated by the morality standards of these religious leaders. This is the Social Media Age, not 2009 BC. We abort if needed. If these leaders overall earn the right to pontificate through their sacrifices and efforts, then women overall earn the right to abort through their sacrifices and efforts of pregnancy. The issue is not about a particular woman aborting, but of women aborting.

The Church with its pedophilia and “Father Oprah” is a drowned voice in the applause of reason. Whatever happened to personal responsibility? Have they not heard about “Practice what you preach”? How can you absolve pedophiles through financial settlements yet continue to uphold the rest of us on to unreal moral standards?

One word to sum that terrible quote: Arrogance.

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