Why Blogging Is Tough

Posted in Pulpit by Harsha on December 4, 2007

Not all of us are writers. Some of us can’t even construct a sentence in order. Then there is the question of battling with the WordPress or Typepad dashboards in order to get your blog up. True, it is easier than before (after all, blogs are a combination of a hosting company, that provides you a template for a website that you can update, right?). But it primarily sucks because of a little thing known as “writers bloc”. Heck, I face it on a regular basis. Then life gets in the way. Time flies and before you know it, a month has gone by without any posts.

There are plenty of stats out there about the number of new blogs, the frequency of posting and the frequency with which blogs die. And most of us are not writers. If you ask any author, newspaper writer or poet, I think their response to why blogging sucks would be that sitting down and penning thoughts on paper takes more energy than rock climbing (metaphorically speaking). It ain’t easy. It is much easier to read and even that is not a major pastime in America.

My “blog buddy” Pete Caputa writes that he “found success by splitting my ‘blogging’ time into 3 activities: 1) 1/3rd reading other people’s blogs, 1/3 commenting on other’s blogs and 1/3rd writing”. I definitely agree with him because it these are the building blocks of developing your thoughts in a cohesive manner, keeping track of things that are important to you and penning your thoughts in an educated manner.

But again, blogging sucks because you have to sit down and write. If only you could discuss your thoughts with your “personal writer” and have him/her write for you!

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