Little Green Lies That Were Actually White

Posted in New by Harsha on November 9, 2007

I’m not going to write much about this because the article is pretty large enough by itself.

But I will say this … :

I don’t know much about carbon credits, except it sounds like you buy a bunch of credits to offset your carbon footprint and those credits are some sort of investment vehicle that allows others to plant more trees. Can someone educate me and if you use jargon then I’ll throw your email out before I get to the second sentence; enough of the BS anyways.

You can’t have someone else right your wrongs. You can’t kill a person and have someone else do jail time for you. If you have a large “carbon footprint” you can’t offset it by paying someone else to plant trees. Polluters are always going to be more than “tree-planters” and that is just a fact of life. So I don’t think that just buying a bunch of carbon credits is directly proportional to the real reduction of your footprint.

For instance, I shudder when I drive past MIT in Cambridge, MA (not picking on MIT) because I see a million lights left on all day and all night. What, they can’t install the clapper? And I definitely don’t buy the security angle. There are countries far less lawless than the United States that leave their buildings dark every night. Maybe we should buy more theft insurance and shut those damn lights instead of keeping them on and buying phony credits.

Here is the article on BusinessWeek (my favorite magazine).