Taking Yourself Too Seriously

Posted in Business, People by Harsha on December 13, 2007

If you want to break a stereotype in your head, then enjoy this video on CNN. If you remember to come back to this post, then here are some interesting thoughts for us all.

A cop is a serious, life-endangering job. You can get killed on a routinge traffic violation stop. This guy in RI takes the image of a serious (looking) cop and throws it out of the window. He could be your average cop on the street directing traffic. He could not care less about you in your car driving past him for a fleeting few seconds. Yet this guy is doing what he is doing, right in the middle of the street. It got serious for me when I saw him do the move where he bends backward and bounces off each hand side to side. That is a tough move.

I could not help smiling throughout the video (he busted a few Michael Jackson moves as well) and it reminded me not to take myself so seriously. We all put up these fronts or masks pretending to be more important than we might be and others do the same. We want others to think we’re smart, aggressive, excellent negotiators etc. not at once accepting ourselves for who we are – I struggle with this concept on a daily basis and it is a continuous improvement process. So in this cop’s case, would you be “scared” of him less? Would you respect him less? If he is the same guy who gives you a ticket are you more prone to fight back or buddy him up? What is your reaction to this guy?

People who work in large organizations are like cops who take their jobs too seriously. They have their hand on their gun at all times. Others are petrified in dealing with them and I am sure you deal with such people too. In response to their mask, you need to put up yours.

Take a moment and step back and realize that if one person can take one of the most dangerous jobs in the US and turn it into something that is really funny to look at (some may call it stupid) and totally opposite of what 99.99% of people think a cop should be, then why can’t you do it? How dangerous is your marketing job that you can’t even loosen that tie?

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