Not Hating The People You Work With

Posted in Big Thought by Harsha on December 3, 2007

Boy, this past week’s search terms that lead you to my blog have all been about working with people you hate! I’ve written quite a bit about this topic, and it is something that will never go away. I don’t think it is a by-product of a competitive atmosphere at work, really. You can be competitive and yet not hate someone personally, just hate the fact that they’re beating you at the game. I’ve seen this many-a-times over through the eyes of my friends in school whose parents pushed them in every which way possible, in India. It is the fabled hyper competitive parenting trait, which is not found in other nations that easily.

The conflict in life is that one half of the world will say that everything lies within you, and you need to change yourself to have a better experience in change the world. The other half, especially the one that holds all the celebrities, is that you can effect change in the world directly. So which is it?

This is not a philosophical question. It is a business question. Because it will affect and effect (if you know the difference) everything that you do including dealing with the users of your product of service. You will either let them guide you in decision making (like Dell is doing by changing it’s ways or not) or by developing your own ideas and not listen to your users. Alternatively, you will either listen to your coworkers when they advise you or not. This belief system is an undercurrent, not something that you may think of on a daily basis but may pop into your head like it did for mine.

I think for the specific problem of working with people you “hate”, it might actually be repairable inside your head. While there have been and are dictators and torturers that live among us, what are the chances that they work in the cube next to you? Reserve that kind of judgment for someone that deserves the wrath of the power-that-be at a later day. All in good time. In the meantime, reconsider your notions of what is good or bad. I know I have.

Dealing With The Jerk At Work

Posted in Big Thought, Pulpit, TOOBs by Harsha on November 27, 2007

Mary Lorenz of has an article on CNN about jerks in the office. You know what I say about this, right?

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