Kiss, Bow or Shake Hands?

Posted in 1324 by Harsha on November 16, 2009

Ah, the venerable ironic headline made so famous by our dying newspapers. Thank you for the standing ovation for my direct reference to the seminal work on international culture. Of course it is now back as a hot topic thanks to the President of the United States Barack Obama bowing to the Japanese Emperor.

El President gets a good ol’s Colbert Bump from me. As far as my half-baked knowledge of the Japanese culture goes, there are three types of bows. A shallow one is reserved for peers, a medium bow for elders and more-important-than-oneself people and a third deeper bow made only to the Emperor of Japan. Take that Sean Insanity.

Obama aided Indian family

Posted in Big Thought, People, Pulpit by Harsha on January 25, 2009

The story posted on popular Indian website Chennai Online is about an Indian family that was successfully assisted by Obama when he was a senator. If only Obama took notice of the travesty that is the US immigration system, then legal immigrants from every country will rejoice! If only Obama recalled his immigrant past (he ancestry is immigrant versus slavery) and took a hard look at what critics of the broken immigration system have been saying for years about the process of becoming a permanent resident or a citizen.

This is neither a racial nor “American competitiveness” issue, but is rather an issue of strengthening the “patchwork” of America. While you can argue till you are blue in the face about if legal immigrants taking jobs away from Americans or not, the fact is, in the words of Mr. Obama, “For we know that our patchwork heritage is a strength, not a weakness”. If his words are true, then this heritage will remain strong for future generations if America continues to introduce diversity in it’s populace.

Do you think he will listen?

Quote from

“The time to fix our broken immigration system is now… We need stronger enforcement on the border and at the workplace… But for reform to work, we also must respond to what pulls people to America… Where we can reunite families, we should. Where we can bring in more foreign-born workers with the skills our economy needs, we should.”

— Barack Obama, Statement on U.S. Senate Floor
May 23, 2007

Wanna bet?

Posted in People by Harsha on September 3, 2008

Interesting article on CNN/Money/Fortune about betting that Palin is going to drop out of the veep nomination.

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